Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here we are once again so way behind!  Little quick update!  Everyone is doing well! 

Jeff is working for Keiwit Construction in Salt Lake City and loving it!  He is a heavy equipment Forman and does a great job!  He is spending alot of time outside with Bode and Braken teaching them baseball!  They both are really good at it and LOVE playing our little games in the road!

I am still with Zions Bank in Brigham City.  I am currently the Personal Banker here and LOVE it!!!  I get to do and learn so many different things....from opening accounts to all kinds of loans!  I can't seem to find the time to keep up with these little boys.  They sure keep me running.

Jonathan just called to let us know he is LEGAL on the road!  He just got his drivers license!  SCARY! Glad he is a few states away so Abilene people be careful there is a manic loose on the road!  He wil be a senior in the fall and actually has enough credits he could graduate now!  He wants to go into MUSIC so Jeff andI are really excited to see what the future brings for him!

Alysa is our DIVA! She is definatly a teenager (a good one).  She really involved in cheer and dance and wans to be a Cheerleader!  She has got the talent!  Brings tears to my eyes to watch her move it on the floor!  So proud of her!  She will be in the 8th grade come fall!

Bode just graduated from KINDERGARTEN!!!  Can you belive it?!?!?  I sure can't.  Where did my baby go?  He will be 6 in June.  He sure has grown up this last year!  I can't believe how different school has made him!  Super smart.  He has a few littel best friends now and girlfriends too!!!!  Oh boy are we in for it!  He's only 5 and they are lining up at school to play with him...........He is missing 6 teeth!  Way to many for his age.  He starts T-ball in about 2 weeks and is so excited!  We have nightly games in the road in front of our house!  He loves all super hero's and has an AMAZING imagination!

Braken is 3 and his OWN person.  He is fiesty and wants to be a big boy like his brother.  He sure gives Bode a run for his money.  He is one solid little wrestler with the kindest heart!  He is my snuggle bug and I can't get enough of it!  He new favorite saying is, "I DO IT MYSELF MOM!!!!"  He is super smart as well!  He tries to repeat everything Bode says.  He seems so much smarter than Bode did at this age.  But with Bode's help he is moving right along with Bode.

So in a nutshell that is us right now.  I know I am way behind and I really want to start catching up. It's just hard to find the time!


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Wow it's been almost a year since I wrote anything. Just a quick update and I promise to put lots of pictures and posts SOON!

We are living back in Brigham City. I am working at Zions Bank in town again and I am so please to be back! I really have missed it and the people! Jeff is still working for the Operating Engineers and is working at Kennecott right now. The kids are growing like crazy. Braken will be 2 in two weeks! Where has that time gone. Alysa is in Tremonton and being very much a teenager at 12! Yikes we are in for it I am sure. She is a very smart girl and loves being with her friends. We had the pleasure of Jonathan joining us for Christmas this year. He is an amazing young man and I can only hope that he rubs off on his siblings here a little! Bode is 4. Need I say more. Right before Christmas he had to have his two front teeth pulled. He is now known as Toothless!

So in a nut shell we are doing well and loving life! I will put some new pics and updates soon!

Love, me

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mind of a 3 Year Old

Tonight Bode, Braken and I spent some time with my Aunt Sandy, Uncle Kelly, Cousin Andrew and Cousin Jon. Andrew lives in San Diego and I haven't seen him since last summer. He is only here for a minute so I drove to North Salt Lake to see him. Bode wanted nothing to with anyone for probably 25 min'utes. He just stood there staring at the floor. We tried everything to get him to budge and no good. Andrew even tried to be a Super Villian and bring out the Super Hero in Bode but NO......Once Papa's brother (Uncle Kelly) got there he kinda loosened up...Kinda...Jon showed up and then all HE** broke loose! No just kidding. He became a little more comfotable. Aunt Sandy had a drawer that had a few odds and ends and that kept him entertained for a minute.

Braken on the other hand didn't hesitate to check the place out. He was running and walking all over, looking up and down and in between to see what there was. Aunt Sandy's house in NOT baby proofed and we had to keep a close eye on the little one. I was surprised how well behaved my kids actually were. Lord knows US kids weren't that well behaved when we were that little!!!

So as it gets closer to the time for us to be leaving, I had Bode start cleaning stuff up and he decides that he doesn't want to leave. I told him he could just spend the night. He decides that he was going to check things out upstairs....(Looking for kid toys, since that is where Grandma and Papa's kid toys are)...Nothing there. We go to leave and as we walk out the door he turns to Aunt Sandy and tells her,"Hey you need to buy some toys for upstairs." We both laugh and continue to walk down the driveway. Three steps later he turns and , "Hey you need to buy some kid movies like at my Papa's house!" Sandy and I both laugh again. I am buckleing him in the car and....."Hey you need to buy some KIDS too!!!" I am sure that my face turned bright red and all I could do was laugh! He then yelled he loved her and I closed the door. I turned to her and said, 'Well Aunt Sandy I guess we can't come back until you buy some toys, some movies and of course some kids! It made my night! Aunt Sandy just laughed and said ok! I got in the car and Bode says. "Mom she really needs to buy some kids so I have someone to play with when we go there." I told him we would work on that!

Kids....Where do they get it! I wish I had the imagination he has, the energy he has and that great sparkle that makes him...HIM!! I sure love ya Bodeman!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My BABY is 1!

OK I think I am ready to talk about him being one! WAH WAH WAH!!! I didn't want it to happen but it did. The thought of your baby turning one knowing you won't have anymore children is a little upsetting. He is growing and changing so quickly I can't hardly keep up.

Braken joined our family on February 17th, 2009 at 1:38pm. He weighed 6 lbs. 10 oz. and was 19 in. He had lots of dark hair and looked just like his big brother Bode. Sweet little angel. Bode and Alysa couldn't wait for him to come home. We also were lucky to have big brother Jonathan here for the summer. It wasn't long before his own little personality started to show! Such a good baby. At about 2 1/2 months he became sick and we couldn't figure out why. We spent a few sleepless nights in the ER having fluids because he was projectile vomiting everything he ate across the room and was dehydrated. Finally we spent 4 days in Primary Childrens Hospital when he was 4 months. Braken and mommy missed Bode's 3rd birthday. They diagnosed him with a really bad form of acid reflux. Mommy had to quit nursing him and they put him on liquid formula thickened with rice cereal. He also was put on Erithromiacin and Zantac. He started to finally keep something down. Was nice. Through all of it he always had a smile on his face and never cried about it. Mommy probably struggled more with it than Braken.
So back to all of Braken's first.......
  • Slept through the night: Apr. 25, 09 10:30pm to 7:30am
  • Smiled: Mar. 13, 09 for daddy
  • Found my hands and feet: Hands: May 24, 09 Feet: July 15, 09
  • Laughed out load: May 6, 09 for daddy
  • Clapped my hands: Dec. 20, 09 watching the RAIDERS vs. BRONCO game with daddy and Bode
  • Rolled over: From belly to back: Apr. 12, 09 From back to belly: Aug. 12, 09
  • Sat up alone: Without falling over Oct. 2, 09
  • Crawled: Army crawl Sept. 29, 09
  • Ate solid food: Babyfood: Aug. 24, 09 (veggies) Real food: Oct. 4, 09 (Pizza and Garlic Bread)
  • Stood by myself: Dec. 9, 09 (little bit of help from couch)
  • Took first step: Jan. 11, 10 Two steps
  • Waved Bye Bye: Dec. 19, 09
  • Spoke first word: Aug. 30, 09 "Mama" (but only once) "Dada" from there on
  • First Birthday weighed: 19 lbs. 6 oz. 29 inches
As you can see he has accomplished so much in one year. Braken seems to be my laid back child. Bode most definatly is the dominate one. Braken tries really hard to do whatever Bode does. He wants to be just like him. Having two boys is amazing. They play so well together and I enjoy being the bad guy. You know Spiderman or Batman and Robin have to have a nemesis. And of course that person is MOM!!! I love it when Braken wakes up. HE has the BIGGEST smile on his face and gets so excited to see me. It makes my day.

(IT'S MY PARTY AND I'LL CRY IF I WANT TO) We celebrated Braken's birthday at home. I made cupcakes. Bode helped decorate them. Braken wasn't too interested. We put his fingers in it and he didn't like that. He wanted to be able to just eat it without hands. FUNNY!!! We gave him a block box. He really likes to put the shapes in the box. Hours of entertainment!!! I wish I could do that.

The following weekend we went to Grandma and Papa's house to celebrate. They gave him a really cool dump truck wagon full of lego blocks! He loves it. One of my friends, Kristiann made Braken this wonderful cake for his birthday. She is the best. Has made all of Bode's birthday cakes and Josh and Lisa's wedding cake. TALENT!!!!!
The WOODLANDS have become adopted grandma and grandpa and Auntie Mickel and Auntie Kristiann. What would I do with out them?!?!?! Once again Braken didn't want anything to do with it! Sure didn't want to get his hands dirty. So we let him just eat it. He got really really mad when his daddy tried to take it away. So we gave it back. Unfortunately daddy was right to take it away cause it made him a little sick. Oh well you only turn "1" once.

Well I look forward to the next year of this little man's life! Can't wait!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Braken turned 1 yesterday Feb. 17th. I will be posting his firsts. Be patient with me it may take me awhile! Happy First Birthday Braken Dale Hester!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl 2010!!!!!!!

What an AWESOME game! It was really nice to all be together. Mom and dad were so gracious to let all their friends and family invade thier home. We had a ton of fun! Jeff even won $20.00 off the board! YEAH!!!! This kids ran around and around and around and.....well you get the point. There was so much going on from BOOing the Colts to moviesin the toyroom for the kids to the WII on a different tv downstairs to sleeping ( you know who you are Jeff and Kenton)!!! :) It was a great day and made it better to see the Saints win it. :( Sad day for my little brother Josh and his family.....OH WELL!!!! Thanks mom and dad for putting up with all of us! (Got to love Bode's mean face)

We even had to decorate outside. Josh couldn't watch the game without his flag outside representing as everyone came in. I think secretly in our minds we all wanted to spit on it as we walked by!

Here Josh is tryin to make the best looking side dish ever. He didn't do too shabby. Grapes, lots of imported cheeses and lots of different salami. It looked very nice. Got to love the way Alysa is wearing a cute yellow and black shirt! Got to love that girl. She was sitting there giving Josh a hard time.

Here was what the tabled looked like. In order to support BOTH teams mom put a black tablecloth down with small gold cloths for decoration. And to be fair she put blue and white napkins out for use. Isn't she creative?

Mom was sportin the Colts shirt. Josh brought up all the Colts clothes he owned and was trying to get everyone to wear one. Funny thing. Most people were for the SAINTS!!!!
All the kids and a few of the mom's watched the game up stairs. Let's face was closer to the food. Ha Ha. Had to watch all those kids and what they were eating. Braken didn't care about the game, just all the yelling. He spent most of it sitting on Grandma's lap playing with her. Of course she didn't mind. Mr. Incredible is one handsome man.........

This was the downstairs gang. Of course you had to be downstairs to watch the big game. Mom and Dad just built this really nice theatre room. Big flat screen tv on the wall. They carpeted the walls for sound and put blackout curtains in. They even put extra padding under the new floor carpet so it would be nice to lay on! Aren't they the BEST!!!!!!!

So there was quite a WAR going on in Grandma and Papa's house! The kids were really getting into it! Obviously Evie Sue was going for the Colts, as here daddy is one of thier biggest fans. Hunter was undecided. All he cared about was the Super Bowl board and whether he was going to win or not. My kids were for the SAINTS!!!!!! Maddie wanted to jump on our band wagon. Funny thing half way thru Evie traded sides and Maddie traded sides! Josh even made Evie take her shirt off! What a mean dad! Thanks again mom and dad!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Josh and Lisa's Wedding

So this is from last November. But for those of you who know me and my family. IT FINALLY HAPPENED!!!!! Josh, my little brother got married!! I never thought Josh would get married, but he did! He married a wonderful girl named Lisa. In fact they went to school together. They got married November 13 at my mom and dad's house. It was a beautiful little ceremony. Evie Sue was the flower girl and RowdieJ was the ring Bearer. Josh played a really mean trick on Lisa. He took care of all the arrangements...Place, justice of the peace, invitations etc.......Well he asked LuAnn Adams to marry them as she is a really good family friend and the woman that married Jeff and I and she was not available to marry them. Josh was sick and didn't know what to do. So mom came up with an ingenious idea. My Uncle Abe Tabatabai, who lives in Jackson Hole, just so happens to be Ordained and able to marry people. So he called Abe and asked if he would do the job. Of course Abe jumped at the chance. I gotta be honest I am jealous. Lisa and others (including myself) kept asking who was marrying them and he would say "Oh just ask mom" and she would say "Oh just ask Josh". I figured it out when Abe told me he was very nervous. I played along and told him that he would be great and not to worry. So there were a few people packed in my mom and dad's front room so Lisa didn't notice that no one was standing up with Josh. Once she walked in she asked Josh "Who is marrying us?" Josh said "What you didn't take care of that?" She looked out at all of us and said "I don't care who marrys us.....SOMEONE just do it!!" Abe stood up and said ok! She looked at Josh and Josh just smiled and said he's here. Let's do it. Lisa started bawling. IT was a perfect moment.

Thier ceremony was just plain cute! Thier colors were Tangerine and White. Lisa found a gorgeous dress with just the right color sash. The boys (Josh and RowdieJ) already had suits so they found perfect little ties for them. Evie Sue already had a white dress so we added a tangerine flower. Mom did all the decorations. We decorated with Pumpkins. It was so cute. Marla Young came and gave us some ideas. I just helped place things. Lisa asked me if I would make her and Evie's bouquets and flowers for Josh and RowdieJ. I couldn't say no so I tried my best. Not to shabby if I do say so myself.
Them......True Love Flowers The CakeFunEvie SueKiss Kiss The Powers side Nice & Pretty Be Normal
They didn't have a reception that night, they had a great big party at the Wine Cellar in Ogden the following night. They are really cute together and I am SO EXCITED to say that come June 28th we will be welcoming the newest member to the Powers family. Thanks to them. Unfortunatley that stinker of a brother won't let Lisa find out if it is a boy or a girl. All in all we will just take a healthy baby! WHAT A GREAT DAY!!!!!! I was a little sad the Jeff couldn't be there. Was just not right celebrating something so wonderful with out your own someone wonderful there.

Mom & Her MomDad & His Mom
I am sure that both my Grandpa's were smiling down on us from heaven:)
My FavoriteKelly, Abe, Dad
Me, Emilee, DadEv & Rowd