Thursday, May 24, 2012

Here we are once again so way behind!  Little quick update!  Everyone is doing well! 

Jeff is working for Keiwit Construction in Salt Lake City and loving it!  He is a heavy equipment Forman and does a great job!  He is spending alot of time outside with Bode and Braken teaching them baseball!  They both are really good at it and LOVE playing our little games in the road!

I am still with Zions Bank in Brigham City.  I am currently the Personal Banker here and LOVE it!!!  I get to do and learn so many different things....from opening accounts to all kinds of loans!  I can't seem to find the time to keep up with these little boys.  They sure keep me running.

Jonathan just called to let us know he is LEGAL on the road!  He just got his drivers license!  SCARY! Glad he is a few states away so Abilene people be careful there is a manic loose on the road!  He wil be a senior in the fall and actually has enough credits he could graduate now!  He wants to go into MUSIC so Jeff andI are really excited to see what the future brings for him!

Alysa is our DIVA! She is definatly a teenager (a good one).  She really involved in cheer and dance and wans to be a Cheerleader!  She has got the talent!  Brings tears to my eyes to watch her move it on the floor!  So proud of her!  She will be in the 8th grade come fall!

Bode just graduated from KINDERGARTEN!!!  Can you belive it?!?!?  I sure can't.  Where did my baby go?  He will be 6 in June.  He sure has grown up this last year!  I can't believe how different school has made him!  Super smart.  He has a few littel best friends now and girlfriends too!!!!  Oh boy are we in for it!  He's only 5 and they are lining up at school to play with him...........He is missing 6 teeth!  Way to many for his age.  He starts T-ball in about 2 weeks and is so excited!  We have nightly games in the road in front of our house!  He loves all super hero's and has an AMAZING imagination!

Braken is 3 and his OWN person.  He is fiesty and wants to be a big boy like his brother.  He sure gives Bode a run for his money.  He is one solid little wrestler with the kindest heart!  He is my snuggle bug and I can't get enough of it!  He new favorite saying is, "I DO IT MYSELF MOM!!!!"  He is super smart as well!  He tries to repeat everything Bode says.  He seems so much smarter than Bode did at this age.  But with Bode's help he is moving right along with Bode.

So in a nutshell that is us right now.  I know I am way behind and I really want to start catching up. It's just hard to find the time!


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